F.A.B collection

Fragmentation, Asymmetry and Balance working together and controlled by the moon is the ever-changing flow of life that every living being experiences. Humans attach emotion and "logic" to these changes that create unneccessary confusion and stress. Animals expect and use these changes for survival. 

Inspired by the nature of these elements of change and flow, natalini has created a collection of pieces that express each of these experiences. FRAGMENTATION consists of randomly scattered chards of metal that symbolize the end and beginning of an experience. Things must be broken down or left behind to gain a new perspective and start again. ASYMMETRY holds the power of the process of experiences where joy and happiness must be recognized in order for growth to happen. BALANCE is the gravity that keeps the fragmented, asymmetrical pieces from flying out of control. Balance symbolizes the unity and represents the moments when everything seems to be flowing smoothly. 

We hope you find the pieces that best express where you are  in the flow of life!

Divertiti (Enjoy)