A Phoenix Moment

A rebirth is necessary, especially for a creative business. Over the years, my business and I have gone through a ton of transitions together. Those transitions have been beneficial in many ways much like Edison taking “1,000 steps to invent the light bulb.” Although I have yet to develop a life changing invention, I have managed to keep honing my design skills through trial and error. This path I have chosen is one with many phoenix moments to come and I am looking forward to each one of them.

Some of the changes to natalini include adding Surface Textile Design Collections to the list of creative offerings. New Jewelry Collections are in the works with cross-over inspiration from the Surface Textile Design Collections. Jewelry is available to be purchased by boutique, shop, museum store and online retail owners. Surface Textile Designs are available for licensing or purchase by designers and manufacturers.

Feel free to submit natalini products to any retailers throughout the United States.