sculptural jewelry & adornments


natalini was established in 2000 by tina natalini, a graphic designer with a passion for architecture and sculpture. Creating one-of-a-kind jewelry started as a solution to the lack of jewelry available that reflected a particular mood or told an interesting story. After receiving many compliments and inquiries in regards to where these creations could be purchased, a small business was born.

natalini was born in Philadelphia just as its creator, and as of 2016 resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Philadelphia will always be home to natalini and to tina. Philadelphia is a wonderful city with rich history, museums and endless inspiration.

Sculptural jewelry communicates fluidity and is inspired by movements in nature and the form of the human body. The materials chosen are in contrast of the particular movement of the piece. Various metals, wood, glass, paper and fabric are materials that are used to comprise jewelry and adornments at natalini.

*Our ethical practices and use of materials align with those that respect living beings and conserve resources. In the event that a leather product could be used, it will only be in a recycled fashion as to keep the material from taking up residence in an undesirable and harmful place on the planet. Any product that would be comprised of an animal material would clearly be stated with great respect for our fellow compassionate customers. The cost of any item using a recycled animal material would be free of an inflated sale price along with a portion of that sale to be appropriately contributed to a conservation foundation. A particular foundation may be requested by the customer if they desire or we will inform the customer which foundation natalini has chosen to contribute that percentage of sale.  

In addition to Jewelry, Surface Pattern Designs will be offered in spring 2018. Jeweler and Surface Designs are both reflections of a partnership between intuition and passion. Each piece is created by allowing an idea to go from a sketch to then take on a direction of its own. Some creations turn out exactly as planned and others become something more than originally expected.



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