tina natalini

Ciao, I’m tina natalini, an artist and designer. Born and raised in the “City of Brotherly Love,” I eventually found my way to “America’s Finest City,” then spent some time in, “The City by the Bay.” I’ve since returned to my Philly roots. I’m so fortunate to have experienced life on both sides of this beautiful country!

For almost twenty years, I’ve been learning and growing as a professional designer, taking classes at maker spaces coast to coast, online courses and good ole trial and error. It hasn’t been easy, but the reward of a finished piece in hand is worth all the cuts, scrapes and tears.

My inspiration for jewelry and surface textile designs include a mixture of; history, architecture, ancient pottery and traveling.

I am currently developing complimentary jewelry and surface textile collections that will inspire a sense of adventure for the curious.

Yo, Boutique Owners! Wanna sell some sexy jewelry for men and women? Simply email for pricing, using “Pricing” as the subject.

Most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind so type quickly!